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        3. Pastor from Saddleback Church Hong Kong Visit CCC&TSPM
          2019-09-03 Source: this site

          On the afternoon of August 15, 2019, Rev. Shen Xuebin, vice president of China Christian Council (CCC) received Rev. Stephen Lee and his wife from Saddleback Church Hong Kong at CCC&TSPM headquarters. The two sides had an exchange over church governance, social service, etc.



          Rev. Lee shared the development of Saddleback Church Hong Kong and experiences in terms of church governance.


          Referring to church governance, both sides saw good governance as beneficial to the sustainability of church development. Both agreed that church governance could not be neglected. They also exchanged ideas regarding social service projects, personnel trainings, etc.



          At last, Rev. Shen Xuebin expected that the two sides would continue to share church experiences for mutual progress based upon the principle of mutual respect.

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